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Update... as of 02/13/15,
we are temporarily out of stock of magnets.
It's expensive to diecut these, and we're trying to keep the price low, so are looking at different manufacturing options. Bear with us. Thanks for your patience!

We still have pins though.

Email us if you'd like notification when we've restocked magnets. Have a great holiday!

Well, hello there!

Welcome to the official Support Our Scientists site. If you've come here looking for one of those sweet, sexy magnets or lapel pins everyone has been talking about, you've come to the right place.

Show your support for science by proudly displaying your own Support Our Scientists (SOS) DNA ribbon product. Whether it's the original SOS car magnet stuck to the back of your fuel-efficient hybrid, one of our stylish lapel pins adorning your coat at the next board meeting, or a swanky Support Our Scientists t-shirt worn to the Physics department BBQ, you can't go wrong. Science goes with any color.

And with a portion of SOS proceeds going to scholarships in the sciences, including a recent donation to the Dean's Circle to our home base at Arizona State University, you'll smile knowing that you're helping to usher in a new generation of wunderkind whiz-kids.

Support Our Scientists products are available directly from our web site. If your school, club or organization is looking for a science-themed spruce-up for your next convention, meeting or fund-raiser, contact us for bulk-pricing information.

We thank you for taking the time to consider our message, and as always, we thank you for supporting our scientists.

Support Our Scientists, Inc. is a proud sponsor of the Dean's Circle Scholarship at Arizona State University

Buy the Support Our Scientists lapel pin

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